You Tube video of the Buck Nelson Band that performed at the Ruritan 2014 Summer Leadership Conference

On June 20, 2014, the Ruritan Summer Leadership Conference attendees were treated to a picnic at nearby Randolph Park, and a performance by a local band by the name of Buck Nelson. Here is a YouTube video of one of the songs they performed on that date. This video is of the actual performance of that date and location.

Thanks for the performance guys, you were awesome!


PSA Video Promoting Ruritan Clubs Airing On CVTV In Spotsylvania County VA


From the Desk of the Lt. Governor:

CVTV (a local television station) in Spotsylvania County, VA, responded quickly to our request for a free PSA promoting Ruritan awareness by designing this video, and they will be airing it immediately. They have also offered to run free PSAs promoting our local Ruritan events in the future. This video directs viewers that are interested in more information to contact the National Ruritan office, and supplies their phone number and website address.

Hopefully this will help to increase membership rolls in our local Ruritan Clubs in their viewing area!

The video has also been posted on YouTube. You should be able to view it from this post, by clicking on the video at the top of this post.

Our heartfelt thanks to CVTV, for your help in our publicity campaign and getting the word out to our local communities about the Ruritan organization!

Who Moved My Cheese?


From the desk of Lt Governor, Linda Bradshaw:

February 11, 2014

Last night I had the opportunity to attend a meeting of the Chancellor Ruritan Club in Fredericksburg. On the agenda was a presentation by Paul Scott, which was deferred to a future date. Paul shared with me that his presentation was titled “Adjusting to Change in our Lives” and was based on the book written by Spencer Johnson, M.D titled “Who Moved My Cheese?”

Interested in learning more about the general concept of the presentation, I found this video on YouTube, and feel that the message is timely and important for all service clubs to take into consideration as they look towards the future. So I decided to share this video on the District’s website, in the hopes that other Ruritans may find value in the message as well.

If you want to share this message with your own club, and have access to a projector in your meeting location, you may want to use this slide show, below:

old beliefs (from slide share)

Clicking on this picture will take you to a nice slide show presentation about “Who moved my cheese?” found on

Best wishes for a successful cheese hunting expedition!