Outgoing District Governor Remarks

Linda Bradshaw

Linda Bradshaw

From the desk of the 2015 District Governor, Linda Bradshaw:

In the interest of keeping my remarks as brief as possible during the Rapidan District Convention, I decided to post some of the information that is normally verbalized during a convention, and post it here on our website instead. That way, only the people really interested will take the time to read it, instead of being “held hostage” to a long-winded speech at the convention. According to the guidelines in the handbook of what an outgoing Governor is supposed to say (how many meetings I attended, how many miles I travelled, and special accomplishments) during a speech at the awards banquet, here are the highlights of what I “would have” said.

This past year, so far, I have managed to attend the meetings, and be the featured speaker, of 20 local Ruritan Clubs. I have attended, 3 club picnics, and the 75th anniversary party of the East Orange Club. In addition, I have gone to the Ruritan National Convention in Greensboro last January, the Ruritan National Leadership Conference in Dublin last June, and all four of the Rapidan District’s Zone meetings. Doing that, I’ve travelled over 3,588 miles. I would like to thank my friends (Hank and Donna Smith) and family (husband Michael Urbanek and sister Lori Horton) for helping me to get to and from all of these meetings and events.

Special accomplishments during my leadership over the past two years include getting a free PSA commercial designed, produced, and aired, on a local public television station in Spotsylvania, designing and maintaining a website and Facebook page for the District, and offering online club officer training here at today’s convention for the first time in this District’s history.

I have researched, to the best of my ability, who the military veterans are in this district, honored them on our website, and personally presented them with certificates of appreciation from the Rapidan District when I was allowed to visit their club.

I have reached out to several of the area’s Governor’s Schools and Boys and Girls Clubs and got them to agree to consider a mutually beneficial relationship regarding introducing the concept of youth involvement and membership in Ruritan, with local Ruritan clubs if the local clubs will contact them to make arrangements.

I have put forth several innovative ideas about increasing membership, such as reaching out to Home Schooling families, and offered my support in pursuing those ideas to the clubs.

I have taught a workshop to interested local clubs on creating websites. I have offered to teach local clubs on a one-to-one basis, how to create websites. That offer still stands – if your club wants to meet with me, at my house, to learn how to create a website, call or email me, and we will schedule a date.

I held a short workshop about the benefits of creating club websites at last year’s National Convention, and I will be holding a more intensive workshop where we will actually create websites at the National Convention in Jacksonville in January 2016.

I would like to thank the Cabinet members who have stood with me over the past two years. They have helped me with their much needed advice, listened to me vent on numerous occasions, and rolled up their sleeves and worked to keep the District running. They had an enormous role in putting on this convention. I cannot stress enough how I could not have done much of this without their support.

Rapidan District Cabinet Honors Wolftown Ruritan Club Veterans

L-R Paul Davis,  Doug Jenkins, Linda Bradshaw, John (Jack) Melone (photo credit Hank Smith)

L-R Paul Davis, Doug Jenkins, Linda Bradshaw, John (Jack) Melone (photo credit Hank Smith)

The Rapidan District Ruritan Cabinet honored the military veterans of the Wolftown Ruritan Club July 14, 2015 at the Wolftown Ruritan’s monthly meeting in Madison, VA, by presenting them with Certificates of Appreciation during a visit by the Rapidan District Governor, Linda Bradshaw. The presentation of the certificates is part of the Rapidan District’s plans to thank, appreciate, and honor all of their local club’s veterans.

Holiday Greetings From the Rapidan District Cabinet

Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year (free clip art)

Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year (free clip art)

With Christmas just two days away, we would like to take this opportunity to extend the fondest wishes for you, your friends, your families, your communities, and your Ruritan Clubs to have a very Merry and Safe Christmas, and a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year. May all your days be filled with love, laughter, and lots of good food, fellowship, goodwill, and community service.

Signed with much warmth and fondness to everyone in our Ruritan family,

Al MacDonald, 2014 Rapidan District Governor
Linda Bradshaw, 2014 Rapidan District Lt. Governor
and the entire Rapidan District Cabinet

Culpeper Star-Exponent Publishes Story About the Rapidan District Convention and Elections

Newspaper story 12-7-14 Culpeper Star Exponent

Newspaper story 12-7-14 Culpeper Star Exponent

This story appeared in the December 7, 2014 edition of the Culpeper Star Exponent. This story is a result of a press release being sent via email to local newspapers. This is evidence that sending press releases to local newspapers will result in publicity for our local Ruritan Clubs! All local Ruritan Clubs are encouraged to send press releases to their local newspapers!