Local Ruritan Leaders Attend National Conference

L-R: Sarah Kelly, Linda Bradshaw

L-R: Sarah Kelly, Linda Bradshaw

Sarah Kelly and Linda Bradshaw attended the 2015 Ruritan National Summer Leadership Conference June 18-20 at the New River Community College in Dublin, VA. While they were there, they learned about new programs to improve America’s communities and revitalize the community service organization.

The conference was sponsored by the Ruritan National Office in Dublin, VA. as part of the organization’s ongoing training program for volunteer leaders.

Sarah is a member of the Stonewall District Ruritan Club in Winchester, and is the National Director of the Rapidan and Rockingham Districts.

Linda is a member of the Lignum Ruritan Club in Culpeper and is the Rapidan District’s Governor and Publicity Chair.

Attendees of the conference included Ruritan District Governors, Lt. Governors and Area Governors from Districts and Areas across 25 states, as well as other District leaders along with a host of volunteer speakers and seminar leaders.

At the conference, participants also met with national volunteer leaders and Ruritan staff members to discuss current issues and activities that affect Ruritan clubs and Ruritan members in their districts and areas. Some of the topics discussed included growth and development, leadership training, publicity, the Ruritan Foundation, and legal issues.

Conference participants represented 28,000 Ruritan members in over 40 Ruritan Districts and Areas that reach from the tidewater area of Virginia to the corn belts of Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska.

Membership Drives – Look To Home-School Families

Home School (free clip art)

Home School (free clip art)

From the Desk of the District Governor:

Many local Ruritan Clubs are interested in increasing their membership numbers. Consider reaching out to local Home-School families.

There are over a million Home-School children in the United States. There are a lot of websites that have statistics about how many there are in each state. One such website that we have looked at, a2zhomeschooling dot com, has a chart, broken down by state, that shows how many children are home-schooled in the United States. Here is a copy of that chart:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Home Schoolers are going to need Community Service credits to get into college. Their parents will want to be involved, too, and (if we play our cards right) the parents are likely to stay members of the Ruritan Clubs after their kids leave for college! In today’s society, the young generation that is going off to college now (referred to as the “millennial or boomerang generation”) are expected to come back home to live with their parents for a significant number of years before moving out on their own. According to Forbes magazine, a full 24% of 25 to 34 year-olds now live with their parents!

One benefit of reaching out to the Home-Schoolers is that they can stop what they are doing in the middle of the day and come help you with your middle of the school day events without worrying about missing school! There are thousands of potential members to be found in the Home-School community, and they are not hard to find. You can find them by Googling “Homeschool (town name) VA.” You will be surprised how many Home schooling groups you will find! You will find contact names and emails and telephone numbers!

One online resource to find Home School Support Groups sorted by Counties in Virginia can be found on the Home Educators Association of Virginia’s website here: Home Educators Association of Virginia’s Support Group Directory

One online resource to help find Home School Support Groups and Resources anywhere in the USA can be found here: Local Homeschool Dot Com’s Website

Reach out to these groups, offer to come visit their groups to talk about the Ruritan Clubs, or invite them to come to a Ruritan meeting!

When you recruit these youths, don’t just assign them to stacking chairs and tables, or cleaning up trash. Ask them what their passion is, and let them choose (or create) a project about their passion! Kids are passionate about something – maybe animals (a project about humane society,) the environment (recycling and road-side clean-up,) homeless people (homeless shelter,) hunger (food drive for local food pantry,) or elderly (care packages for nursing homes, or busy aprons for alzheimer’s patients) are just a few ideas that the kids can spear-head. Or make them the webmaster of your new website! Get them (and their parents) involved in something the kids are passionate about, and their parents are likely to stay on as club members to continue those projects after the kids have left for college because it will help the parents feel connected to their kids after they have left home (helping the parents cope with empty nest syndrome and it will give the parents something to talk about with their kids when the kids call home!)

There are literally thousands of potential Ruritan members in the Home-Schooling community. We just need to reach out to them and invite them to join with us!

White Hall Ruritan Club Sponsors Sugar Hollow Three Bridges Race

Sugar Hollow Three Bridges Run

Sugar Hollow Three Bridges Run

The White Hall Ruritan Club is sponsoring the Sugar Hollow Three Bridges 5K and 10K race at 8:00 am March 14, 2015. The starting line of the race is approximately 1.5 miles West of the Piedmont Store at 5275 Sugar Hollow Road in Crozet, VA.

Proceeds will aid in the restoration of the White Hall Community Center, a historic building in Western Albemarle County, and for the many community services provided by the White Hall Ruritan Club, including scholarships to area college-bound students, 5th-grade achievement awards, highway clean up and many other projects.

Both a 5K and a 10K course will be available on beautiful Sugar Hollow Road alongside the Moorman’s River. The course is measured so that the 5K runners will run over 2 bridges to the iconic sycamore tree. The 10K course will incorporate all three bridges with a run to the Sugar Hollow reservoir. Ample parking will be available at the Sugar Hollow site.

Following the race, racers, their families and spectators are welcome to join us for a fund-raising pancake breakfast from 9-11 am at the White Hall Community Center, 2904 Browns Gap Turnpike, Crozet, VA. (Runners free! Donation accepted, suggested minimum donation of $5.00)

Pre-race registration for the race is $30. To register go to http://www.whitehallva.org/

On-site registration is $40.00 cash or check only.


Race will occur rain or shine!

Sugar Hollow Three Bridges Run flyer

Sugar Hollow Three Bridges Run flyer

Editor’s note: there appears to be a “typo” on the above flyer regarding the location of the pancake breakfast. According to the White Hall Community Center’s website, the correct address is 2904 Browns Gap Turnpike, Crozet, VA.

Honorable William Suter Guest Speaker for Belmont Ruritan Club January 2015 Meeting

William Suter (photo from Wikipedia)

William Suter (photo from Wikipedia)

The Honorable William Suter, will be the featured guest speaker January 6, 2015, at 7pm at the Belmont Ruritan Club’s monthly meeting. Suter, a Vietnam War and Gulf War veteran, was the Assistant Judge Advocate of the US Army from August 1, 1985 to February 1, 1991, and the 19th Clerk of the Supreme Court of the United States from February 1, 1991 to August 31, 2013. His full bio can be read on Wikipedia

This meeting promises to be extremely interesting, and Belmont Ruritan members are encouraged to invite prospective new members (our friends, relatives, and neighbors) to attend this meeting to learn about our club, our community service, and enjoy the goodwill, good food and fellowship.