Fluvanna County Ruritan Clubs

Fluvanna County Map (free clip art)

Fluvanna County Map

This page is dedicated to the Ruritan Clubs in Fluvanna County. Both clubs in Fluvanna have a website and/or a Facebook Page. Clicking on the name of the club should take you to their website and/or Facebook page.

Fluvanna County Ruritan Club (photo Google Earth)

Fluvanna County Ruritan Club (photo Google Earth)

Fluvanna County Ruritan Club

1083 Wilmington Rd
Palmyra, VA 22963
Meets 3rd Tuesday, 6:45pm
President Neil McLaughlin

Three Chopt Ruritan Club

Three Chopt Ruritan Club

Three Chopt Ruritan Club

2366 Oliver Creek Rd.
Troy, VA 22974
Meets 2nd Monday
President Emily Payne

8 thoughts on “Fluvanna County Ruritan Clubs

  1. I am inquiring about renting out Three Chopt on Sept. 26th. Could someone reply back with a number to call or someone to contact?


    Monika H.

  2. Hello

    We are looking for local fundraising events and we are contacting Organizations in the surrounding Richmond area to donate gift cards for any up coming events/fundraisers. I was wondering if you have any upcoming fundraising events that include a Live /Silent Auction?For more information please feel free to email me christina@butlerphotoart.com

    • Which club are you referring to? The Jefferson VA Ruritan Club is holding turkey shoots on Friday nights….. but you posted your question to the Fluvanna County Club page, so I’m confused….

  3. I’m a foster parent recruiter and trainer and would like to give a short presentation on foster care. We are in need of foster parents and since the opiod crisis the need is even greater. Last year we had three drug addicted babies in our care and took in 5 children because of the substance abuse in their homes. I work with a private foster care agency – Braley and Thompson and am located at Pantops. Thank you for your consideration.

    • Thank you for reaching out to us through our District Website. Your offer to make a presentation to our local clubs has been forwarded to the District’s Leaders of those areas, with a request to forward that offer to the appropriate clubs. You may, if you wish, contact the clubs directly through contact information on the website that is specific to the club(s), and I would encourage you to do so.

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