Volunteers Needed!

Volunteer (free clip art)

Volunteer (free clip art)

Do you have the generosity of spirit that it takes to help not just your local Ruritan Club, but all of the Ruritan Clubs in the Rapidan District move forward? We need volunteers to serve on the District Cabinet! Specifically at this moment we need a Youth Activity Coordinator!

We have LOTS of great ideas on what the Youth Activity Coordinator can do, and how it can be accomplished, but we need someone to join in with the brainstorming, roll up their sleeves with us and help us “get it done!” We sure could use your help this year, and next year, too! We’d really appreciate having someone dedicated to Ruritan help us develop a guide of ideas, suggestions, and resources for the local clubs in respect to Ruritan youth, and help make sure the local clubs have access to the resources we pull together.

We care about our youth, right? After all, our clubs spend so much time raising money to award scholarships for students to further their education! Our youth need more than that, and we can give it to them! And we need what they can do for us! Perfect partners!

This is TEAMWORK we’re talking about, you would NOT be “on your own” with no help and lots of pressure. This will be fulfilling work, helping to get community youths involved in community service and the Ruritan organization. This is NOT going to be about pressuring clubs to “Create Ruri-Teen Clubs or Perish” – this is creative, “out of the box” thinking and planning. Won’t you join with us and help to keep Ruritan relevant to our communities and our youths?

You say you don’t know what that position is, or what it does? Here is the “position description” taken from page 36 of the official Ruritan Club and District Officer’s Handbook:

Youth Activity Coordinator

Duties of the Youth Coordinator

  1. Developing a youth activity program that helps serve the needs of youth in their communities.
  2. Providing opportunities through working agreements with other organizations that share the same values as Ruritans.
  3. Identifying, training, nurturing, and developing the leader­ship of our youth, which is vital to the future of Ruritan.

Strategies for District Youth Programs

A. Expanding opportunities with organizations with which Ruritan already has a working agreement.

B.  Identifying and developing working agreements with other organizations that will help us reach our goal.

C. Encouraging clubs who sponsor youth, or youth activi­ties, to make recipients aware of what our organization is all about.

D. Encouraging clubs to involve more youth in club meet­ings, i.e., invite youth to a meeting before sending them to a sponsored event and let them know what is expected of them and then invite them back after the event for a report.

E. Encouraging submission of youth related articles and events for inclusion in the Ruritan Magazine or Ruritan Newsletter and in district publications.

F.  Where applicable, encouraging zone or district meetings, on at least an annual basis, of high school Ru­ritan club members, Ruritan Student members, and other interested youth to discuss benefits, problems, or other issues related to Ruritan involvement or membership.

Interested? Fill out the form! We will get back to you!

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