Update on Elliott Hogge 9-3-14

Elliott Hogge driving his tractor (from I am Ruritan Facebook page)

Elliott Hogge driving his tractor (from I am Ruritan Facebook page)

Original post from the I am Ruritan Facebook page, written by Sandra Hogge on 9-2-14.

Now for an Elliott update! Last week was amazing, he cut and baled hay, drove his truck short distances on our back roads, and drove his 4-wheeler around the property. We went out to the movies and out to dinner with friends. He is eager to get back in action for Ruritan, and he has been reviewing his schedule for the rest of this year!

He is going to speak briefly on Sept. 8 at our club’s 58th Anniversary meeting, and we are both looking forward to seeing everyone in Kitty Hawk. He is still in the process of getting his meds fine tuned, which means continuing frequent medical appointments. He continues having outpatient speech therapy and is continuing to improve.

When you talk to him, remember that it might take a little extra time for him to answer, because although he knows exactly what he wants to say, the Aphasia and Aproxia cause difficulty in speaking. But don’t let that stop you! He is the same wonderful person he was before the stroke, and he wants to talk with you!

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