Two Months Old And Going Strong!

Second Month Anniversary! (free clip art)

Second Month Anniversary! (free clip art)

From the desk of the Lt. Governor:

This website was created on February 3, 2014, making today the two month anniversary of the unofficial, temporary, “test the waters” website about the Ruritan Rapidan District!

This is a good time to share some site statistics, to demonstrate the value of a website such as this.

On the one month anniversary of the website, a post discussed some statistics of the site, and shared that there had been 671 “hits” (visits, how much “traffic”) to the website. As of the writing of this post, there have been 1332 “hits.”

Blog stats widget data as of 4-3-14 10:29am

4-3-14 10:29am

Recently a “hits counter” was installed so visitors can see for themselves the number of visitors that have come to the website. This counter can be found in the lower right hand corner of the website. The counter looks like the image to the left of this paragraph.

More statistics provide a variety of information. The following chart documents the all-time most popular pages and posts:

Site statistics top posts 4-3-2014

Site statistics top posts 4-3-2014

Tip: If you have having difficulty reading these charts due to their small size, you can enlarge them by holding down the “Shift,Ctrl,+” buttons. That enlarges everything on your screen. Then to restore back to your original size, hold down “Ctrl,-” keys.

The following chart documents search terms used in search engines, resulting in traffic:

Stats for search terms used  to find Rapidan District website 4-3-14

Stats for search terms used to find Rapidan District website 4-3-14

Did you notice (in the chart above) that twenty-one visitors found our website by trying to find information about the Brightwood Ruritan Club? (Which does not yet have their own website.) Thirteen visitors arrived by searching for information about the Earlysville Ruritan’s Bluegrass Show!

Once the visitors arrived at our website, they got the information they needed! This demonstrates that this website is providing value to the local clubs and the local communities by helping the consumer find out information about their local events!

This also demonstrates how important it is for local clubs to increase the promotion of their events by sending information about their events to the webmaster of this website, with a request to promote their events! That can be accomplished through the contact page.

The following chart shows how many visitors came to the website through referrals from other websites, and what those websites were:

Stats for Rapidan District website for referrers for all days ending 4-3-14

Stats for Rapidan District website for referrers for all days ending 4-3-14

Please note: these charts are for “all-time” and that “all-time Facebook referrals” number 258. This statistic would indicate that Facebook is a very valuable resource for people to find our website, yet it accounts for only 19% of the visitors. This lends credibility to the advice that “Although it is true that all Facebook users use the Internet, not all Internet users use Facebook. Using BOTH is good marketing strategy.”

These statistics show that this website is continuing to provide value to people who are interested in what is happening with the Ruritan Clubs within the Rapidan District. These statistics support the campaign that encourages all local Ruritan Clubs, and Ruritan Districts, to have websites and Facebook pages, too!

So…. Happy Two Month Anniversary to the Ruritan Rapidan District website, and here’s hoping for many more similarly productive months to come!

4 thoughts on “Two Months Old And Going Strong!

  1. Excellent site, Linda. I have a couple of photos from our last meeting, possibly for this site and also to send to the Star-Exponent. Thanks again.

  2. You are doing a super job. Don’t change a thing. Proud of what you’re doing.
    Charlie Bowman, Dan River District

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