Fluvanna County Ruritan Shares YouTube Video

During the Fluvanna County Ruritan Club’s 75th anniversary celebration held May 20, 2014, a very interesting video compiled by the Fluvanna County Ruritan Club’s President, Brandon Chiesa, was shown to the guests. Shortly after the celebration, we requested a digital copy of the video to share on this website. Brandon Chiesa graciously uploaded the video to YouTube, and sent us the link to the video. We are pleased to be able to share it on our website. The video is a little bit over thirteen minutes long. We hope you have the chance to relax and enjoy watching the video!

Thank you Brandon, for sharing the video with us, and thank you, Fluvanna County Ruritan for your 75 years of Fellowship, Goodwill, and Community service!

You Tube video of the Buck Nelson Band that performed at the Ruritan 2014 Summer Leadership Conference

On June 20, 2014, the Ruritan Summer Leadership Conference attendees were treated to a picnic at nearby Randolph Park, and a performance by a local band by the name of Buck Nelson. Here is a YouTube video of one of the songs they performed on that date. This video is of the actual performance of that date and location.

Thanks for the performance guys, you were awesome!