Survey results are in

Survey results

Survey results

This chart represents the survey results about the naming of the new official website for the Ruritan Rapidan District website.

If you have thoughts to share on the results, please use the contact form below:

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We Are Cleared For Take-Off – Please Participate In This Survey!

At the Rapidan District Cabinet’s meeting April 30, 2014, the Cabinet voted to accept an official website based on/similar to this website. So, we are cleared for take-off! Now the hunt begins for the best price on a domain and web-hosting service. And some folks have suggested that the website might be better served if there was a shorter, less complicated URL. So, we have created this survey (hopefully it will show up) on a free polldaddy account to see what our readers might think about the different choices for the domain’s URL and website name.

We created the survey and it is supposed to be a “copy and paste this link” into this post and it will all work magically. We shall see if that is true or not! One disappointment in this survey is that it was supposed to look a bit different from it does, but it will work. Below the question is what appears to be a blank text box. If you hover over the blank box, you will see some choices drop-down. Please click on the choice you like the best, or if you don’t like any of the choices and have a suggestion of your own, add that in the “other” box below.

Please note that the first question is assuming that the page will be a “dot com” and not a “dot org.” There is a logical reason for that – the “dot com” extensions are usually less expensive than the “dot org” extension, and in today’s world of search engines, you don’t even have to type in the “dot anything” – you just type in some key words and click “go” or “enter” or whatever the “action” button is called. However, the final decision of whether to be a “dot com” or “dot org” has not been made.

There are three questions to the survey. We’d appreciate your honest opinion! If you would like to leave some comments (and there is no room on the survey for them) you can leave a comment on this post. Look below the post for the word “Comments” and click on that word. You should be able to fill out a comment form! Thanks for participating!

[polldaddy type=”iframe” survey=”AAC3B6F6C992EE06″ height=”auto” domain=”lindabradshaw” id=”what-do-you-think-official-ruritan-rapidan-district-s-url-should-be”]