Update on President Elliott Hogge from the Summer Leadership Conference

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Summer Leadership Conference began this morning with a special message from President Elliott and First Lady Sandra being read by Mike Chrisley. It was a great way to start the Conference by seeing their smiling faces and know that they are doing well. President Elliott went home yesterday less than one month after his stroke. Keep the prayers gong for continued improvement for him.

Progress report on President Elliott Hogge posted on Facebook

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Today Elliott completed day 7 of his first week of rehab. He is looking good! Today he sported his “still plays with tractors T shirt” but tomorrow he will be back to wearing one of his Ruritan polos, now that I have done the laundry! One of the speech therapists commented that she thought her father in law would enjoy being in a Ruritan Club. Just goes to show that wearing your Ruritan clothes no matter where you are opens the door to discussing what we are all about.

Prayer Request for Ruritan National President Elliott Hogge

Prayer Request

Prayer Request

Prayers are being requested on behalf of Ruritan National President Elliott Hogge, who suffered a stroke Sunday, May 25, 2014.
From a notice posted on Facebook:

2014 First Lady Sandra Hogge has released the following update on 2014 President Elliott’s condition.

She confirmed that he did have a life threatening stroke Sunday around 6 p.m. and had lifesaving care both by the rescue squad that responded and at Riverside Regional Hospital’s stroke unit, where they were prepped and waiting for him when he arrived. Clot busting drugs were administered and a “life and death” surgical procedure was used to remove a clot from a major vessel in his brain. They were able to get to the clot from his groin so no open-head surgery was required. By the grace of God, a very well-known, Harvard educated neurosurgeon was on site and performed Elliott’s surgery. The staff told Sandra that Elliott had the “Super Bowl” surgical team.

Sandra said since that surgery Sunday night, Elliott has gradually gained the ability to use the right side of his body. He can stand. He can hold both arms up in the air. He can hold both legs up. He sat up this morning and fed himself sausage, eggs and toast for breakfast. He was using utensils and holding a cup.

Sandra and Elliott Hogge May 2014 Founders Day celebration

Sandra and Elliott Hogge May 2014 Founders Day celebration

He has been in ICU but they are weaning him off his IV meds and getting him back on his oral meds so he can be moved to a regular room later today. The challenge that remains is speech therapy as he is still struggling with being able to express himself – although he can say some words. The clot affected the speech center in his brain.

Saundra has asked that we continue to hold him in prayer – praying for successful speech therapy efforts and a complete recovery. She is very positive and has lots of family with her. Friends and neighbors are pitching in to help get in the rest of Elliott’s hay. She appreciates your thoughts and prayers and said Elliott would very much enjoy getting cards from his Ruritan family.
Those can be sent to their home or to him in care of the hospital. Both addresses are provided below:

Elliott Hogge
c/o Riverside Regional Hospital
500 J. Clyde Morris Blvd.
Newport News, VA 23601


Elliott and Sandra Hogge
9625 Line Fence Rd
Hayes, VA 23072

Both President-Elect Bobby and Executive Director Mike have been in steady contact with Sandra and are covering Elliott’s engagements. If you have questions or concerns, please contact one of them.