Eight Month Anniversary of the Rapidan District Going Online!

Pink 8 candle cake

Pink 8 candle cake

From the Desk of the 2014 Lt. Governor and Publicity Chairperson of the Rapidan District:

Eight months ago today, the Rapidan District went “online” with a temporary, unofficial website and associated Facebook page to “test the waters” to see if such a website would be of value to Ruritans. As of this writing on October 3, 2014, there have been 4714 “hits” on that unofficial website.

On August 22, 2014, the “official” website (this one) went online and the content of the original website was copied over to this site. As of today, there have been 713 “hits” on this new website. Combined, that is a total of 5427 “hits!”

We would like to thank our readers for coming to visit our website(s) and encourage everyone to sign up to be a “follower” of this official website. You can do so by entering your email in the “Follow this by email” text box in the right sidebar near the bottom of this website. By “following” (or subscribing) new posts will automatically appear in your email inbox. Doing this will give you the convenience of being able to keep up-to-date on what is going on without having to physically come to the website every few days to see what is going on! We would like to encourage our readers to “bookmark” or “save” this website and use this one to keep abreast of what is happening in the District.

We would like to discontinue using the original one in the near future. We have noticed, however, that the original one is continuing to be used frequently by our readers, so we will not be de-activating it until we are more confidant that people have become comfortable with coming to this new one instead of the old one. We have posted on the original website a notice urging the readers that arrive there to come to this website.

We would also like to take this opportunity to encourage all of the twenty-four local Ruritan Clubs in the Rapidan District to send us press releases and notices about their events and meetings before AND after they are held so we can help spread the word about our great clubs! This is a great opportunity to help promote awareness and increase attendance and membership in our clubs!

Greene County Ruritan to Participate in Independence Day Celebration in Stanardsville

Statue of Liberty (free clip art)

Statue of Liberty (free clip art)

Greene County Ruritan members plan to participate in the July 5, 2015 Stanardsville Independence Day parade, and other volunteer duties to assist the Stanardsville Independence Day Committee with their plans for festivities in Stanardsville VA. The Stanardsville Independence Day Committee is raising money to fund the festivities.

Donors, sponsors, and parade float entrants are being sought. A parade is being planned, with prizes for the top three parade entries. Additional events will be determined by level of funding raised. Lots of family activities, local music, some reenactors, local artisans and vendors, and a few surprises are being planned.

The event will be free to the public and the Stanardsville Independence Day Committee hopes to raise enough money to put on a professional fireworks show.

No donation is too large or too small. Naming rights and advertised sponsorships available.

For more information, call Michael at 540-290-8344 or email at Michael.payne.mha@gmail.com.

A crowdfunding website and Facebook page will be created shortly.

Everyone is welcome! Come and share in the hospitality of the small town of Stanardsville!

Progress Report on Elliott Hogge – Back in the Saddle!

Elliott Hogge and Bobby Burton 9-14

Elliott Hogge and Bobby Burton 9-14 (photo from Facebook page I am Ruritan)

Original Post on the “I am Ruritan” Facebook page by Sandra Hogge on 9-20-14:

Today in Bedford, Virginia, at the National D-Day Memorial, I attended a POW-MIA Remembrance Day observance that has left me at a loss for words, so I will just post pictures including Vietnam veterans lined up and being greeted by members of Rolling Thunder and other attendees. Among the Vietnam veterans in the line up and also pictured visiting the traveling Wall are President Elect Bobby and President Elliott.

Original Post on the “I am Ruritan” Facebook page by Bobby Burton on 9-20-14:

First Lady Sandra has posted pictures of our wonderful morning at the D-Day Memorial today. I just wanted to add to what she has posted.
It was such a wonderful morning. President Elliott and I greeted the Pulaski/Dublin area Veterans as they got off the bus. We viewed the Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall and enjoyed the Memorial grounds.
Elliott and I, along with members of several area VFW groups, placed the yellow roses at the Traveling Wall during the Remembrance Program.

The program concluded by having ALL VIETNAM VETERANS assemble at the front and EVERYONE filed by to greet us, hug us, thank us. President Elliott and I are both Vietnam Veterans and I think I can speak for both of us that “it was quite an emotional time”. It is hard to explain the feelings I had, and I am sure all the Veterans at the program today experienced the same feelings!
Thank you to the Ruritan Road Ruritan Club for including me in this event. It really meant a lot!!!

* * * * *I want to take this opportunity to say how great it was to have President Elliott and First Lady Sandra with us today. They are starting to get out again and, as President Elliott said “He is ready to get back in the saddle.” He has stepped back into his schedule but he also knows I will be there if he needs my help. He does still have some difficulty with his speech – but is improving every day – and if we all remember to be patient, he can communicate very well. Welcome back, Mr. President

Hard to believe that the Rapidan District has had a web presence for Seven months!

Cake with 7 candles

Cake with 7 candles

From the desk of the Lt. Governor and Publicity Chairperson, Linda Bradshaw:

On February 3, 2014, the Rapidan District created an unofficial webpage. Every month since then (give or take a day or two) we have been pleased to share with our readers how many visitors the web page has had. On August 22, 2014, we created this “official” webpage, and copied the contents from the original webpage to this one.

Doh! (free clip art)

Doh! (free clip art)

There have been a few “snafus” where some images disappeared, or migrated to the wrong place, and we have been working to correct that situation. If you should notice anything that looks “out of place” or has a broken image/link, please let us know via the “contact” form on the “contact” page.

Of particular concern has been to verify that all of the veterans information on our “Honoring our veterans” page is present and accounted for. If you are expecting to see your information on that page, and it is missing, or no longer in the correct alphabetical order (sorted by branch of service) please let us know so we can correct it!

We have been encouraging the good folks that have been “followers” to switch over to this official site. Eventually the unofficial site will stop being updated. However, until that time we will continue to monitor that site to see how many visitors have come to that site, and we will share those numbers with you.

As of today, September 3, 2014, on the seven month anniversary of that original site, there have been 4,356 hits. And there have been 245 hits on this site since it’s starting date of August 22, 2014.  Adding the two together, and we have had 4.601 hits on our website(s) during the past seven months!

We are extremely pleased that so many folks have come to our webpage(s) to check us out! Thank you all! Please continue to visit our page to see the latest news. Please consider signing up to be a “follower” so you don’t miss any important posts, but please be sure to come back often to check out any new or revised pages, and new or revised events on our calendar of events!