Progress Report on Elliott Hogge – Back in the Saddle!

Elliott Hogge and Bobby Burton 9-14

Elliott Hogge and Bobby Burton 9-14 (photo from Facebook page I am Ruritan)

Original Post on the “I am Ruritan” Facebook page by Sandra Hogge on 9-20-14:

Today in Bedford, Virginia, at the National D-Day Memorial, I attended a POW-MIA Remembrance Day observance that has left me at a loss for words, so I will just post pictures including Vietnam veterans lined up and being greeted by members of Rolling Thunder and other attendees. Among the Vietnam veterans in the line up and also pictured visiting the traveling Wall are President Elect Bobby and President Elliott.

Original Post on the “I am Ruritan” Facebook page by Bobby Burton on 9-20-14:

First Lady Sandra has posted pictures of our wonderful morning at the D-Day Memorial today. I just wanted to add to what she has posted.
It was such a wonderful morning. President Elliott and I greeted the Pulaski/Dublin area Veterans as they got off the bus. We viewed the Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall and enjoyed the Memorial grounds.
Elliott and I, along with members of several area VFW groups, placed the yellow roses at the Traveling Wall during the Remembrance Program.

The program concluded by having ALL VIETNAM VETERANS assemble at the front and EVERYONE filed by to greet us, hug us, thank us. President Elliott and I are both Vietnam Veterans and I think I can speak for both of us that “it was quite an emotional time”. It is hard to explain the feelings I had, and I am sure all the Veterans at the program today experienced the same feelings!
Thank you to the Ruritan Road Ruritan Club for including me in this event. It really meant a lot!!!

* * * * *I want to take this opportunity to say how great it was to have President Elliott and First Lady Sandra with us today. They are starting to get out again and, as President Elliott said “He is ready to get back in the saddle.” He has stepped back into his schedule but he also knows I will be there if he needs my help. He does still have some difficulty with his speech – but is improving every day – and if we all remember to be patient, he can communicate very well. Welcome back, Mr. President

Congrats To Louisa County Ruritan Club On Their 75th Anniversary!

Sarah Kelly, Irene Luck, Bobby Burton at Louisa County Ruritan's 75th Anniversary Celebration

Sarah Kelly, Irene Luck, Bobby Burton at Louisa County Ruritan’s 75th Anniversary Celebration

From the desk of the District Governor:

Last week I had the distinct honor and pleasure of attending the Louisa County Ruritan Club’s 75th anniversary celebration. What a momentous achievement. Presiding over the event was Irene Luck, Louisa County’s current President. A professional and expertly prepared booklet detailing 75 years of community service was provided to each attendee.

Louisa County Ruritan's 75th Anniversary program cover

Louisa County Ruritan’s 75th Anniversary program cover

As I sat listening to the program, I began to reflect on how times have changed since 1939. The Louisa County Club was chartered six months before the onset of World War II. The United States of America was basically a rural nation where interstate highways were virtually non¬existent. News and information were gleaned from radios sets, newspapers, and movie reels.

The following years would certainly be tumultuous. Every decade that followed contained wars and unrest. The 1960’s and the 1970’s saw the onset of The Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the onset the Cold War with the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Louisa Ruritan Club Charter

Louisa Ruritan Club Charter

The 1990’s brought us the Bosnia Conflict and the first Gulf War. In 2001 with the new Millennia unfolding, we were violently introduced to a new kind of war when terrorism came to our own backyard. Now as we sit comfortably in our homes tonight, the Ukraine and Russia are deeply engaged in an armed conflict.

On the home front, we have witnessed the turmoil of the ‘60’s with upsurges of anti-war and anti-government riots that exploded in our streets.

New members Jack and Coral Losinski installed by National President-Elect Bobby Burton

New members Jack and Coral Losinski installed by National President-Elect Bobby Burton

We also watched as the Soviet Union collapsed and the Berlin Wall was finally dismantled.

We witnessed Presidential and Presidential-candidate assassinations, and the assassination of a major Civil Rights leader. In the ‘70’s, we watched the resignation of one of our Presidents, and in the ‘80’s an assassination attempt on another President, as well the Pope. In the ‘90’s, another President faced censorship, and in 2000’s, we saw the election of our first African-American President.

These have been very mutable decades which have led us to our present situation, which is not without its own challenges. Every day we face an unstable future with economic turmoil.
Believe it or not, this all went through my mind as I compared the past to the present.

Louisa County Ruritan's 75th Anniversary Cake

Louisa County Ruritan’s 75th Anniversary Cake

Through all of these shifting times, the Louisa County Ruritan Club has been a constant, positive force that persevered over 75 years, to serve her community faithfully. This is a tribute to the caliber of the club and all of its faithful members. Well done Louisa County Ruritans; may you have many more years of tried and true fellowship, goodwill, and community service to come.