Solicitation for Donation Registrations NOT REQUIRED for Virginia Ruritan Clubs

Letter from National about Solicitation law and exemption

Letter from National about Solicitation law and exemption

From The Desk of the Lt Governor:

Many years ago Ruritan National registered all of the Virginia Ruritan Clubs with the State of Virginia’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. This registration was to allow all local Ruritan Clubs in the State of Virginia to Solicit for Donations. The Virginia Ruritan Clubs do not have to register again. If they attempt to do so, their applications will be rejected and their fees will be refunded. This has happened recently to one of the local clubs in the Rapidan District.

The subject was discussed during the June 2014 Summer Leadership Conference. During the conference, Michael Chrisley made it very clear that Virginia Ruritan Clubs do not have to register. Clubs in other states, however, may have to register within their own states, as laws differ from state to state.

If your club in Virginia is currently in the process of filling out the registration forms for Soliciting for Donations, please refer them to this post on this website. The application form is a long, arduous form, and the person in the club charged with filling out the form will be happy to learn that they do not have to do it!

Each club should have a copy of the letter shown above in their files. If your Virginia Ruritan Club does not have a copy of the letter, you can click on the picture of the letter in this post and print it off for your club’s records.

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