Rapidan District Club Membership Statistics

Statistics (free clip art)

Statistics (free clip art)

From the desk of the Lt. Governor:

Earlier today I received an email from the President of one of the local clubs in the district. The email requested information about membership statistics within the clubs in the Rapidan District. There was no easy way to pull the requested information from MMS, as some of the data was inaccurate. So I ended up combing through the records of each club, correcting obvious mistakes (for example there were many instances of members being identified as male when I know they were female, and vice versa – because I know them personally!) And there were a lot of members that were not identified as either male or female! So I have spent about three hours (more or less) combing through the records, correcting the ones that I knew were inaccurate. Then I was finally able to pull the corrected data for the District from the MMS database.

After all that effort, I decided that the information may be of interest to more than just one club in the Rapidan District, so I decided to post it here. Why re-invent the wheel later on? So…. without further ado, here are the results as of today’s information from MMS:

Number of Clubs in the Rapidan District: 24

Number of Clubs in Rapidan District with female members: 20
Number of Clubs in Rapidan District with male members: 24
Number of Clubs in Rapidan District with business members: 4
Number of Clubs in Rapidan District with youth members: 6

Total number of members in the Rapidan District: 615

Gender statistics:

Number of female members in Rapidan District: 175
Number of male members in Rapidan District: 427
Number of Business members (counted as neither gender) in Rapidan District: 13

Age statistics:

Number of Adult members in Rapidan District: 584
Number of Youth members in Rapidan District: 18
Number of Business members (counted neither as adult or youth) in Rapidan District: 13

I hope these numbers will prove useful to the local Ruritan Clubs as they look towards the future of the membership needs of their clubs!

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