Hard to believe that the Rapidan District has had a web presence for Seven months!

Cake with 7 candles

Cake with 7 candles

From the desk of the Lt. Governor and Publicity Chairperson, Linda Bradshaw:

On February 3, 2014, the Rapidan District created an unofficial webpage. Every month since then (give or take a day or two) we have been pleased to share with our readers how many visitors the web page has had. On August 22, 2014, we created this “official” webpage, and copied the contents from the original webpage to this one.

Doh! (free clip art)

Doh! (free clip art)

There have been a few “snafus” where some images disappeared, or migrated to the wrong place, and we have been working to correct that situation. If you should notice anything that looks “out of place” or has a broken image/link, please let us know via the “contact” form on the “contact” page.

Of particular concern has been to verify that all of the veterans information on our “Honoring our veterans” page is present and accounted for. If you are expecting to see your information on that page, and it is missing, or no longer in the correct alphabetical order (sorted by branch of service) please let us know so we can correct it!

We have been encouraging the good folks that have been “followers” to switch over to this official site. Eventually the unofficial site will stop being updated. However, until that time we will continue to monitor that site to see how many visitors have come to that site, and we will share those numbers with you.

As of today, September 3, 2014, on the seven month anniversary of that original site, there have been 4,356 hits. And there have been 245 hits on this site since it’s starting date of August 22, 2014.  Adding the two together, and we have had 4.601 hits on our website(s) during the past seven months!

We are extremely pleased that so many folks have come to our webpage(s) to check us out! Thank you all! Please continue to visit our page to see the latest news. Please consider signing up to be a “follower” so you don’t miss any important posts, but please be sure to come back often to check out any new or revised pages, and new or revised events on our calendar of events!


2 thoughts on “Hard to believe that the Rapidan District has had a web presence for Seven months!

  1. Lt Gov. Bradshaw, I feel that many members have witnessed the benifit of your district level communication to all members via each Club that you have personally visited so far this year, plus the website that you developed on behalf of all district members. You bring to us a very positive and creative management ability that is proactive to our needs. Thank you for your continued service to our District!

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