Happy One Month Anniversary To The Ruritan Rapidan District Website!

Happy One Month Anniversary!

Happy One Month Anniversary!

From the desk of the Lt. Governor:

Just a little tidbit I thought you may find interesting.

We created the “unofficial” Ruritan Rapidan District website on February 3, 2014. That means that the website has been online exactly 30 days today! Happy one month anniversary to the website!

Since then, it has been viewed a total of 671 times! That is AMAZING for a website that has not been heavily marketed and is only one month old!

The busiest day was February 20, with 96 views on that day!

Below this is a copy of the chart that shows how “popular” different pages/posts are, and how many times they have been “viewed” (clicked on!) You may find it particularly interesting to see that people seem to be using the pages to help locate clubs in specific counties, which would indicate that the website is doing the job it is intended to be doing. Granted, these clicks may have been a result of existing club members checking the pages themselves, to “proof-read” the text to let us know if there are any corrections that needed to be done, but, still…….. at least someone has been looking at them, and word will get out that the website is here, and is a valuable resource of information to promote all of the clubs and their meetings and events!

Just a note: if the post is “new” and can be read in its entirety from the “home page” without having to click on the “title” of the post, then that counts only as a view for the home page. So just because a post shows only one view, does not mean it was only read one time – it could have easily been read from the home page without having to click on the title. In order to “count” as a “view” the title must have been “clicked” on.

There is another statistic (not shown on this post) that indicates that people are finding the web page by typing in “Ruritan Rapidan District” in their Google search engine! That is exactly what we want to happen! That is evidence of proper page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques that focuses on effective SERP (Search Engine Results Page) using frequent updates (in the form of the blog-style posts,) using “Categories” and “Tags” sections,  using widgets in the sidebar, all in addition to proper SEO structure of posts and pages on the website.

Can there be ANY DOUBT that having a website for the District, and for every club, will help ALL of our clubs to promote public awareness of Ruritan, and of ALL of our clubs? I would like to suggest that this is a GREAT START in beginning an online presence, using social media such as blog-style websites and Facebook, for the Ruritan Rapidan District Clubs!

See for yourself – here are the stats:

top posts for one month anniversary of Rapidan District Website

top posts for one month anniversary of Rapidan District Website

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