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Training (free clip art)

Training (free clip art)

From the Desk of the Lt. Governor, Linda Bradshaw

As October approaches, local Ruritan Clubs are preparing to hold their elections for their officers for next year. One of the most important considerations at this point in time is the availability of the elected officers to complete their training. As I have been honored and blessed by the majority of the clubs in the Rapidan District to visit with their clubs this calendar year, I have discovered that some club officers feel that they have not received “any appropriate training” for their position.

As you can imagine, there are a variety of reasons for this situation, but that is not the point of this post. I am using this medium to utilize this opportunity at this time – election and training time, to write about the training for the club officers that is available online, through the MMS website. “MMS” is short for “Membership Management System.” You can access the website by clicking on this link: MMS.

Each club member, upon joining their local Ruritan Club, is added to the MMS database. Each member should have access to their own record in MMS. Each member is assigned a USER ID and password to access their own record. If the member has not been given that information, they should be able to get it by asking one of the club officers for the information.

For some reason the MMS program does not like the Chrome Browser – you can not see the entire record, and you cannot edit and save an edited record using Chrome. The preferred browser for MMS is Internet Explorer. So if you are planning to actually “do” anything to modify the records (like update your email address) you would be well advised to use Internet Explorer.

Once you access your record, if you are interested in taking the online training, look at the upper right hand side of the screen for the word “training.” You may see the word in two places, once in black letters under what appears to be a graduation cap, and once in white letters inside a blue bar (under that graduation cap image) in between the words “Club” and “Fund.” please click on the word that is in the blue bar.

That should open up a screen in the upper right hand corner that looks like the example screen shot below:

MMS training screen example

MMS training screen example

If you click on the link beside the desired training, it will take you to the online training course. It is a self-paced course, like a slide-show. At the end of the training course, there is a short quiz. You can take the quiz as many times as you would like to take it. Upon passing the quiz, your records in MMS will show that you have completed the course.

Ruritan National encourages all club officers to take this training every year – even if they have held their position for many years! Clubs can even become eligible to win an award for having their officers do this training (even as a refresher) every year!

For more information, please reference the PDF file (below) taken from the most recent (rev 8/13) Ruritan Club and District Officers’ Handbook:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

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  1. 3/13/18 I am interested in Secretary and /or Treasurer Officer Training Course . I belong to Ruritan Organization from Rutherford County – Hopewell-Hollis Club .
    Can you pass on information relating to the courses for 2018.

    thank you ,
    Donna A. Baugher

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